Video by Zach Carver and Kim Madalinski

Music by Gina Cutillo

with Stylist Paul Andrew of PANYC Salon in NYC
and Model Tara Ortiz

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We all want what we don’t have! Those of us with straight hair want curly hair, and those with curly hair are constantly trying to straighten it. If you have curly hair or hair that already has a little wave to it, here’s a way to take your curls to the next level.

Paul Andrew of PANYC Salon in NYC shows us how to take control of your waves and give yourself captivating spiral curls.



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Paul Andrew, PANYC Salon co-owner and master stylist, has a passion for hair that was cultivated early on, at his auntie’s salon. This San Antonian went straight from high school into beauty school, followed by intensive training at high-end beauty salons. After studying styling and cutting at Visible Changes, he teamed up with JC Munguia and Marylou Vasquez in 2001 to form PANYC Salon in New York City. Clientele grew quickly, as did Andrew’s skills, honed at Sexy Hair Concepts, Pyrametrics, Nioxin and Wella. In addition to styling, Andrew does wedding couture and model styling; his work with designers has been featured at New York Fashion Week.


PANYC Salon, tucked high above the hustle of 17th Street, is one of New York’s best kept beauty secrets. Formed in 2001 by Lone Star natives — Paul Andrew, Marylou Vasquez and JC Mungia — the salon’s impressive client base continues to grow year after year. With a talented team of 10 stylists, PANYC works hard to keep the beautiful people beautiful with cutting-edge cuts, colors and styles.

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