by Aaron F. Steinberg, Romance Male Mirror

couple texting each other

These days, if you want to talk to your guy, it’s more common to text him rather than meet up or even talk on the phone. The problem is that text relationships are still a fairly new thing, so there really isn’t a rule book out there for proper texting etiquette. This leaves room for a lot of guessing.

You may have asked yourself before, “should I text him first?” “How long do I wait to text him back?” Or “He hasn’t responded to my first text, should I text him again?” While, there is never a “right way” to do anything, there seem to be some uses of texting that work well for getting what you want and some that seem to usually fail miserably.  Here are some texting dos and don’ts to help you decipher the winky faces and LOLs.


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