When to Text Him DOS

1. Text him to sneak in a little affection


girl smiling at text

There is nothing quite like getting a simple text to know someone is thinking about you or likes you.  In the process of dating, while we don’t want to be overzealous with our communication, we also want to make sure that we let our potential partner know we are into them. Text him something like, “Hope that _____ went well today!”  to let him know you’re interested.


2. Be clear when you text him

texting abbreviations

One huge issue with texting is that there is no tone of voice. While this isn’t a big deal for people who know each other so well they can picture the texter saying the words, for new daters this can cause all sorts of problems and insecurities. It is really helpful to use a smiley face if you’re smiling while you text him. Also, always make it clear what the point is. “See you soon.”  is very different from “See you soon! :)”  I’m not suggesting to litter your text with frivolous emoticons and exclamation points, but make sure the person receiving your texts understands where you’re coming from.