When to Text Him DOS

3. Text him cute and appropriate pictures


 taking pictue of herself with phone

This is a little bit of a misnomer, because I don’t even mean text him pictures of yourself, let alone anything sexy. Text him whatever you please! Just make sure it has some context in your relationship (of course, this can be something sexy, if you want). For some reason, the idea of sending text pictures to someone you’re into gets a lot of criticism, but I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t do it or like it.

If your boyfriend loves surfing and you just met Kelly Slater, text him a freaking picture! –  He’ll love it! This just means you’re thinking of him and about the things that mean something to both of you, and that is a good way to build connection. If you’re wondering if you’re texting too much or if this is one of the times you shouldn’t text him (or how many times are appropriate to text him), a good rule of thumb is to text him fewer pictures so that they are more special when you do.

4. Sometimes it’s better to call him instead of texting


woman talking on phone

Call it old fashioned, but who doesn’t like a phone call saying, “Hey, just calling to say hi before I go to bed.” Sometimes it’s good to switch things up and occasionally pick up phone. If he texted you first and you’re wondering how fast should you text him back, wait at least 19 minutes, or even better, pick up the phone and surprise him.