by Taila O’Neil

What have you done so far to spice up your wardrobe in 2012? If you’ve peeked at Fashion Snoops, you may have seen some of these Take 2 spins on old era collections, including:

- 70’s Acid Nostalgia
- Amazonian Clash
- Gloomy Grunge
- Lunch Ladies
- Tropical Storm

Each vision carries with it a unique avenue for how to accessorize, and as you’ll see, there is a lot of color in the style forecast for the next few months. Mix and match these different trends to make your own unique hipster fashion statement.


70’s Acid Nostalgia

2012 accessory trends 01 70s acid

Earthy, fun, with moves like Bianca Jagger. Think the hippie era with bold colors. Jewelry trends inspired by this vision will be illustrated through stacked bracelets, in bold and natural colors, circular metal pieces, geometric earrings, and “rock candy” shaped necklaces.


Amazonian Clash

2012 accessory trends

Picture the style maven on a wild safari. (Rrar!) The color palette of this look is composed of vivid oranges, brown, grays and mustard yellow. This is the 2012 take on the tribal trend. Think leather cuffs, ethnic pendants, and wooden beads. Bohemian goddesses across the globe will celebrate this look for months to come.


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