Gloomy Grunge

gloomy grunge fashion

The 90’s were deemed the grunge era, when teens dressed in androgynous flannels and corduroys. The look was created by combining both men’s and women’s wear for either sex to wear. It is a very loose and avant-garde fashion statement that we can finally welcome back this spring. Only in this reincarnation, we’ll be adding dripping chain bracelets, multi finger rings, chokers, circular metal bracelets, cross rings, and ball beads to jolt the gloomy grunge era back to life. Move over Edward Scissorhands and Winona Ryder — here come Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart with style that will impact clothes all over the world!


Lunch Ladies

lunch ladies

The Lunch Ladies trend took over with a vengeance after the premiere of the Mad Men series on AMC. This season, the 1920’s feminine silhouette still has a snug, pearl necklace-like hold on us fashionistas. Express your roaring inner Lunch Lady with pearls, braided metals, layered necklaces and charms. Think delicate and sweet, like Audrey Hepburn.


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