by Taila O’Neil

makeup tips applying foundation

New year, new you! Which means you have to give your beauty bag a makeover. Our faces are always exposed to the elements so we have to prepare it for battle. Here are five makeup tips for 2012 that involve just a few additions to your morning routine and will have your skin glowing and keep your makeup in place all day long.


Makeup Tips For 2012

1. Get Your Scrub On

First thing’s first, it starts with the scrub ladies. Throughout the day, your face is exposed to varying temperatures as you move from indoor to outdoor, especially during winter. The skin needs to be gently stimulated to eliminate toxins, promote healthy turnover of cells, and stimulate facial muscle tone. This helps counteract the drying effects of both the cold and indoor heating systems. Try stimulating the skin with an exfoliant as the first step in your morning routine. Not only does this remove dead skin and even out skin tone, it also leaves your face fresh and ready for makeup. Some people exfoliate everyday, and some once a week; find an exfoliating routine that works best for you. LUSH offers a great ocean salt facial wash with vigorous polishing action. Formulated with fresh lime and fresh grapefruit infusion, seaweed, and granules of sea salt, it stimulates the senses and the skin, while removing dead surface cells.


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