by The Lipgloss Culture Coterie

summer bbq healthy
Fourth of July has passed, but the best months of BBQ season are still ahead of us. When enjoying some backyard grilling this summer, having a good meal does not have to jeopardize your waistline. Here are a few tips on healthy BBQ grilling, so you can cut the calories, have some fun and work on your tan all at the same time.

Healthy BBQ Tip #1. Toss the buns

A burger with a massive bun and french fries may taste yummy, but a little too carb friendly indeed. Add a few bottles of beer, and you’ve suddenly consumed all the calories you need for the week – in one afternoon. Try skipping the bun and wrap your burger in lettuce, or mix your meats in a bowl with mixed salad greens, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. The more veggies you add the more points you score! Some of our favorites are grilled corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, and home-made avocado spread. Don’t forget to add a bit of olive oil to bring out the flavor.


Healthy BBQ Tip #2. Not all veggie burgers are created equal

Just because a package says veggie burger or veggie hot dog doesn’t mean its healthy or low fat. As with cereal bars, check to make sure that your burger actually contains real food and not packed full of crap. If there are fifty ingredients and the second one is salt or some other dye or binder you can’t pronounce, set the package down and move on to the next one. Look for brands that have natural and fewer ingredients and Non-GMO like Sunshine Burger.

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