Healthy BBQ Tip #3. Spicy Not Saucy

The sauces we dump into our BBQ may add flavor to the plate, yet often contain not just bountiful amounts of fats, but also sugars, a boatload of sodium, and more chemicals than the laundry detergent. However, spices and herbs have very little to no calories. When grilling up a storm, throw some fresh basil, parsley, dill or others into your mixture. The key word here is Fresh and makes a world of difference. Dry herbs on the other hand often taste like barn hay.


Healthy BBQ Tip #4: Marinate and Rub

Marinating meat not only helps with flavor, but also helps reduce carcinogens. Numerous university research studies showed that after grilling, carcinogens in marinated steaks were cut by 57 to 88 percent. Use heart-healthy monounsaturated oils in your marinades. Who knew that simple olive oil and vinegar may help create a protective barrier between the meat’s proteins and the heat of the grill and the antioxidants in the marinade combat the carcinogens head-on?