healthy bbq food

Healthy BBQ Tip #5: Keep It Juicy

Adding chopped vegetables and spices help keep your grilling experience nice and moist. Use chopped onions and peppers to add moisture to lean hamburger or ground turkey. Dry lean meats like chicken breast will also cook quickly, so watch carefully not to turn your BBQ into shoe leather.

Healthy BBQ Tip #6: Trim and Carve

Trimming meat not only helps get rid of extra fat and calories, but when fat from the meat drips onto the grill, forming smoke and flareups, unhealthy hydrocarbons form as well. If you are going the meat route, buy lean or give yourself a second chance at high-school woodshop and practice your carving techniques.

If you want to try something besides red meat, chicken breast, turkey, halibut, scallops or shrimp are delicious low-fat grilling fare.

Last but not least, fun in the sun is always good, but don’t forget a good sunscreen!


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