by Ishaw Thorpe

If asked your preference: an extra-fat bank account or extra body fat, you’d probably go with the first option. Let’s be real, no woman in the world favors having unwanted fat on her body. With all the beautiful, in-shape images of women seen in every popular magazine and website, none of us are strangers to the ideal body type portrayed by the media. While we can’t always please the media, we certainly can appease ourselves. If you are looking for ways to lose a couple of extra pounds, you should consult with your own body metabolism first. Is it in idle waiting for you to shift into gear? Well here are a few tips to rev up and burn off some of that extra cargo in your trunk.

One of the simplest ways of losing that buxom body baggage and maintaining your preferred body type is to start by boosting your metabolism. We women already have a lot on our plates as it is, and it’s not always healthy, if you know what I’m saying. But just because you munch on a salted nuts and tortilla chips here and there doesn’t mean you are doomed to five-hour cardio intervals.


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