no makeup

I highly recommend that you give this day a chance and that you do the work to focus on what really makes you beautiful. You may even come away with a new makeup strategy or with a look that is more in alignment with who you truly are so that you don’t have to feel pressured to always keep up with the latest trends. Speaking of the trends and “Hollywood” fashion, here’s one more bit of encouragement…

I feel there is a strong connection between mental health and body/self-esteem issues, and much of it stems from the images we are bombarded with in the media. Thanks to perfect lighting, stylists, and computer enhancements, women are given unobtainable images to live up to. I can tell you from years of professional experience that these images are NOT true. So don’t worry about the cover models, take time to focus on the beauty inside yourself!



Michelle Phillips is the author of the bestselling beauty and self-esteem book, “The Beauty Blueprint- 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams” (Hay House). You can listen to her live on Mondays at 12 p.m. EST on She is also a regular guest on the national TV shows, The Daily Buzz, GalTime, and Daytime.

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