being honest

In the working world, it is extremely important not to exaggerate too much or tell a flat out lie on your resume. Listing you worked for a company for a period of time when really you were laid off is probably not going to work out so well. Claiming that you are proficient in Adobe Illustrator when you have never even opened the program on your computer is another time when you shouldn’t fib; you never know when your boss may ask you to make a quick design in the program.

If you’re unsure about the direction of project you are given, don’t tell your boss you understand. Ask for more clarification, it will save you a lot of time and worrying in the end. If you are way behind on a project, and you tell your boss you are right on track…there’s a strong chance this could backfire if you end up missing a deadline. If you really don’t think you will finish on time, let your boss know ASAP so he or she can plan for a later deadline. On the other hand, if you think you can catch up in time, it’s ok to puff up your progress a little and tell your boss that you’re on track.


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