happy couple

Now for the tricky part: relationships. Lying to hide something that you’ve done wrong is never ok. However, not telling your boyfriend that a guy who you went on a few dates with six months before you two started dating just called you is not a crime. If the guy doesn’t mean anything to you, avoiding the subject will avoid making your boyfriend concerned for no reason.

Another source of tension in relationships is sexual history. Inevitably, the question of your sexual history and how many sexual partners you’ve had will come up. Let’s say you’ve gotten to the point in your relationship where you know everything about each other…except for that. You or your boyfriend may innocently pose the question: So how many people have you been with? Let’s be real, when it comes down to it, no matter how sweet and innocent he may look when he asks you, it’s a loaded question. While the facts are the facts, another overlying fact is that your sexual history is in the past and it has no bearing on what the future with you and your guy is going to look like. So why make it an issue? If your number is higher than you care to admit, slimming it down a little is not going to hurt anyone.


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