does this make me look fat

As far as friends go, tell them the truth when they ask your opinion on something. If your best friend asks what she should do about a guy she is dating, give your honest opinion; she is asking because she trusts you, and she needs your advice. If a friend asks you how much you paid for your new tall, brown leather boots, that’s essentially your own business. Sure you spent a lot, but you worked hard for those boots! She doesn’t need to know the exact hit you took to your pocketbook.

A little fibbing here and there is common and sometimes necessary to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, starting unneeded conflict, or to assure your boss you can get a job done. However, it’s not a habit you should get used to when it comes to serious issues, such as relationship problems, or lying on a resume. If you find yourself in a situation where you think you’ll feel guilty after telling a little white lie, then this is probably a time when you should be honest. In the end, the best rule of thumb is that when something is really important to you, honesty is always the best policy.


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