by Michelle Phillips, Bestselling Author of The Beauty Blueprint

stack of makeup
At the beginning of every year we go through the ritual of recapping what happened the previous year and setting new goals. While personal assessment and goal setting are great practices, let me ask you this: looking back to previous years, how many of those goals have come to be? And how many of those goals were beauty related? Let me save you some effort this year. Before you can think about going for some new trend or trying to figure out a signature style that reflects who you are, it might help to know who you are.

Often as women it seems we are constantly chasing things like the latest hairstyle, smokey eyes, or skinny jeans, only to glance at pictures a few years later and find a crazy blend of Lady Gaga and Rachel from Friends, and ask, “What was I thinking?” What we don’t know about the futility of these surface fixes is that the beauty we are searching for lies a little deeper. We may have actually lost touch with the woman we want to be physically, spiritually, or emotionally, and it could be affecting every aspect of our life and look. We don’t know what’s missing or how we lost it but at some point there is an awakening. We spend our 20’s and 30’s in what I call our “getting years”: getting the job, getting the husband, the kids, the perfect house… only to wake up and say, “I may want everything I have but do I have everything I want?” If that is the case for you let’s stop wasting time on makeovers, let’s go for a transformation!


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