by Leana Day, Sex and Love Guru

flirting techniques for women

If you’re wondering how to tell if he likes you, here are 10 answers to your flirting questions. First of all, you do not have to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model to get the hotties to notice you. All you need is some pointers in the art of flirting and a few surefire flirting techniques up your sleeve. Give these a try and you will be amazed at how well they attract the guys.


How To Be A Good Flirt: Flirting Techniques

The Art of Flirting Tip #1: Gaze Lock

Find the guy you want to flirt with and lock eyes. Hold your gaze for a full five seconds, smile, and drop your gaze. Do this at least three times in fifteen minutes. The reason this works is because the guy needs to know that it is in fact him that you are flirting with, and eye contact is a worldwide signal.

The Art of Flirting Tip #2: Skin Exposure

Exposing your neck is a proven flirting technique. You can achieve this by tilting your head, flipping your hair, or giving him an over the shoulder glance. Of course if you want to expose some more skin… a little bit of cleavage can go a long way as well!

The Art of Flirting Tip #3: Attract Him With Pheromones

Studies have shown that men are drawn to the smell of lavender, vanilla, and baking cinnamon buns. One long held secret in the art of flirting is to put one of these scents on your secret parts, such as your inner wrist, inner elbow, behind the ear, and behind the knees. Now stand back and watch how soon they start flocking to you!  They will be in love and won’t know what hit them.

The Art of Flirting Tip #4: Moist Red Lips

Did you know that the color red has been known to increase a man’s heart rate? The human species as a whole is attracted to red, moist lips. Red lips are a sign of vitality, sexuality, and fruitfulness. Next time you want to try a flirtatious experiment, put on some red lipstick. If you’re wondering how to flirt with your boyfriend and make him drool just a teeny bit, lick your lips very subtly, or bite your lower lip. It’s guaranteed to get his juices flowing!

The Art of Flirting Tip # 5:  Long Extensions

That’s right, long eyelashes and long hair have been a major male turn on for centuries. Long hair manifests the true power of femininity, and long eyelashes represent a sign of health.


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