How To Be A Good Flirt: Flirting Body Language

legs and feet

The Art of Flirting Tip #6: Foot Language

Were you aware that feet speak their own language? Well, according to body language experts, to make yourself more approachable, stand with your feet no more than six or seven inches apart with your toes pointed slightly inward…very slightly.

The Art of Flirting Tip #7: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When there is an attraction between two people, they tend to mirror each other’s body language. Try mimicking your flirting target’s body movements. If he smoothes his hair, smooth yours. If he sits, you sit. Whatever move he makes, you make the same move. Mirroring someone’s behavior tends to make them feel a connection with you. When someone feels in sync, they tend to want to meet you. So practice your mirror moves girls!


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