How To Be A Good Flirt: Flirting Body Language

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The Art of Flirting Tip #8: Cross Those Legs!

Crossing and uncrossing your legs is extremely seductive to men. It makes them crave to see more. You can also slip your heel out of your shoe and dangle it on your toes. A man’s heart rate increases at the sight of the arch of a woman’s foot, because it mimics a woman’s curves.

The Art of Flirting Tip #9: Groom, Spruce and Tidy!

Do you ever notice how when you see a hottie, you instantly smooth your hair, check your compact, look in a window or mirror, check your outfit, or do all these things? Attraction does wild things to our subconscious, which is fantastic because subconsciously we are preparing ourselves for that person, and what they see is a more tidy you. So groom away!

The Art of Flirting Tip #10: Smile!

Smiling is the number one most effective tool for flirting. It is the international sign of friendliness and makes you seem much more approachable. So smile, show your glowing personality, and go for it ladies!


Pick a few flirting techniques to use over the weekend and watch how the hotties will come flocking to you!


Leana Day, “Sex and Love Guru,” has a knack for cracking the toughest relationship issues. She is a writer, active Sirius radio personality, has appeared on Ricki Lake, and hosts Jambalaya Events as the ”Gossip Girl.” Using her quick-witted humor and sexually-charged banter, she is able to lighten up even the most awkward and uncomfortable relationship moments.



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